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My Story

When I was twelve I was a horror. My mother had planned to take me on a mother daughter trip when I was thirteen but I was getting so hard to deal with she decided to move the trip up to my twelfth birthday instead. On the way to our hotel, my mother took out a birthday present and handed it to me. It was a notebook and matching pen. She told me, "Hannah, you have a gift. If you would only sit yourself down long enough to finish a story, you could really make something of yourself." 

Now of course I don't remember exactly what she said so I don't know if she said those exact words but the point is, she told me to write and I have. In summer of 2015 I finished my first full length novel, a fanfiction that I will never publish. In the following years, I began to create an idea for a fairytale twist series. In November 2017 I wrote a full-length novel draft of Cinderella's story that I knew had to be trashed. But finally, in November 2018, I wrote a full length novel (a twist on Goldilocks) that I knew I could do something with. 

I have not yet published my novels though I do plan to do so someday. However, I have published a poetry book entitled "Imagine This: From Pain to Possibility." The link to buy the book is below.

I've had a lot happen to me over my life, some of it probably more interesting than the moment my mother handed me that pen. In fact, a lot of that more interesting stuff went into my poetry book. But that moment was for me, one of the most impactful. I grew up a reader and a writer, but that moment set me down a path I hadn't dreamed of going down before. This blog (a blog about my writing, my writing experiences, and my reading) is a result of that moment. 

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