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Imagine This: From Pain to Possibility

Cover of "Imagine This: From Pain to Possibility"

Are you stuck in life, surrounded by pain or powerlessness?


I know how you feel. You are not alone.


I was diagnosed with a debilitating nerve condition that trapped and controlled me for two years. 


The pain left me writhing on the floor, silently screaming, with tears running down my face. I felt trapped and helpless...


Until I began to find hope in the smallest of things: 

  • In the wildflowers blooming alongside our burnt roads 

  • In the first notes of a song I hoped would play next 

  • In the invitation of new friends to go out for ice cream 


The poetry in this anthology taps into my heart of pain as my story was transformed into one of life. As I began to dream again.


Now you can access the same. This Christian poetry anthology is my story. You can find yourself in the emotion and walk with me as, together, we rediscover imagination.

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