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Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Hello fellow writers and readers!

First, I want to thank you for joining me each week and reading my posts. I appreciate you all!

Unfortunately, my life has recently become quite complicated and I have some bad news: I am going to have to scale back my posts for the time being.

Good news first though:

  1. Yesterday I received my first manuscript request from an agent!! This is an incredibly exciting step for me and whether or not it proceeds to the next step, it has given me the encouragement I needed to keep pushing on. That means I am still querying agents and pitching in Twitter events. I also plan to participate in NaNoWriMo (which you may know, takes a lot of time). My goal is to finish the first draft of The Beauty by the end of 2021 and continue seeking representation for The Criminal.

  2. I have a job! I was recently hired by PetSmart and have already begun to work some long shifts there. It's an exciting job for me. You may remember from previous posts that I love dogs! I have enjoyed working the register and seeing people bring their dogs through or simply chatting to them about their pets. The long shifts pass quickly if you are enjoying yourself!

  3. This fall I have five classes I am taking. Usually, I take four courses with Biola. This load is usually pretty light but I still would have had to adjust with my new job. This is not the case with five courses, however. I very much have to adjust and work out my new normal. Five courses is a very heavy load right now. I am currently taking four of those courses. Two (Argument and Debate, and Art) I am taking at Shasta College (the local community college) to save money. The final three I am taking at Biola though one will not begin for another 8 weeks (by which time, I will have finished Argumentation and Debate). That was a mouthful (or whatever is the equivalent when the words are typed out!) but essentially it just means my schedule is very full. My hope is that I will get into a rhythm and the difficult workload will become slightly easier as I get used to it all. I do know for a fact that the load will be lighter as my Argumentation class drops away. For the time being, however, I am still getting used to a packed schedule.

  4. Unfortunately, my medical challenges haven't disappeared just because my schedule has gotten tight. Somewhere within that schedule, I will need to fit in time to visit a few doctors, have my eyes checked (can't be driving with the wrong glasses!), and get back to better health!

With all that is going on, I know that it is best for me to take a step back from writing so many blog posts. I desperately desire to get myself into a healthy rhythm: to be reading my Bible consistently, getting plenty of sleep, eating enough, exercising, and attending Church while juggling all my responsibilities with as little stress as possible. In order to do that, I've determined I need to cut down to a single blog post a week. I will still be posting weekly, just not as often.

That being said, keep an eye out for those weekly blog posts as well as monthly emails (sent to any subscriber) any updates on my publishing journey. I may not write as often but I will still write!

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