Girl, Wash Your Face

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Are you stuck in your life because of the lies you tell yourself? Do you recognize that you are telling yourself lies? Do you need someone to explore the truth with you and challenge you to become who you were meant to be apart from the lies? Rachel Hollis will do that for you in Girl, Wash Your Face.

I will be totally honest with you: I read this book a little while ago but I am still chugging my way through my current read (I am a little behind due to a full class load last week). Nevertheless, I feel I can give an accurate review.

This book has been on my radar for a long while. I had seen a number of people close to me reading it and had asked about it. I am not much of a self-help book kind of gal. In fact, I am not much of a non-fiction book kind of girl. Most of the non-fiction books on my shelves are school books. But I did want to read this book.

Maybe it was because so many people around me were reading it.

Maybe it was because the title and cover were so fun and drew me in.

Maybe it was because the library had multiple copies but they were constantly out and always had multiple holds on them.

But it was probably because it was a self-help book directed at women trying to help them to stop believing in lies that they let in. Even before I knew it was a Christian book, even before I knew how funny it was and interesting it was to read, it sounded wholesome and beautiful. It was a book I wanted.

Finally, I found a copy on Thriftbooks for a reasonable price and gobbled it up.

It was so good!!! (I don't know if you can tell because the word is so short but the "so" is italicized there)

The book is split up into chapters that each have a "lie" that Hollis has told herself in the past and that she believes other women tell themselves. Hollis includes her own stories, being thoroughly honest with the reader and making them laugh and cry and smile. I don't often enjoy self-help books but this one was quite literally a page-turner.

Imagine that! A self-help book that was a page-turner!

The book was well written. I loved the author's friendly, welcoming writing style. It is written like she is having a deep, wonderful conversation with you rather than like it is a book. (again, so good!) I found myself in almost all of her chapters (except for a few that related to motherhood and married women and one that I thankfully have not experienced).

I simply felt myself pulled in, enjoying the book, and getting something out of every page. Even the chapters I did not relate to, I felt could have either given me the ability to connect to someone who did relate to them or given me the tools I need to overcome the lies if I ever do face them in the future.

Please, if you are a woman, I don't care if you think you need it or not. Read this book. I guarantee you'll find something of your past, present, or future self in it. And it not, at least it will be a great read!

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