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King of Scars Duology

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

It is really a sad moment when you come to the end of a series. I suppose, in this case, it is not only the end of a series but the end of a universe. In a recent interview, Leigh Bardugo said Rule of Wolves was, "farewell for now." So at least for the time being (though the end of the book certainly leaves room for more novels), there will be no more Grishaverse novels.

That certainly doesn't mean I cannot go back and read the Shadow and Bone Series (review here), the Six of Crows Duology (review here), and/or Lives of Saints (review here). And, of course, there is at least one more extra book I can read (The Language of Thorns)

Until then, I will have to wave goodbye to the Grishaverse series (at least until I welcome it to my shelves and can read it on a whim) and send it off with a good review of the last duology.

The final duology in the series starts with King of Scars. Now, there is definitely an order you are supposed to read the three series in (namely, the Shadow and Bone series first followed by Six of Crows and finally King of Scars) but if you really want to go out of order, so be it. Just don't read these two books before you've read the others.

King of Scars and Rule of Wolves are fashioned perfectly to be concluding books to the universe. They pull together the rest of the books and wrap them up in a neat little bow (of warfare, magic, and romance).

The first series begins with Alina and Mal as the main characters (as can be seen in the Netflix TV show) and with a certain person as a bad guy (as well as the fold). Nikolai Lantsov also makes an appearance in this series along with Zoya.

The second series introduces the great Kaz Brekker (who also appears in the TV show) and his buddies (and employees) Inej and Jesper. Though they don't appear in the show, Wylan and Kuwei also make an appearance. Nina and Matthais (who appear in the TV show) are also big characters in this series.

Finally, the third series rounds it off with Nikolai Lantsov starring as the king of Ravka with Zoya as his general. Nina spies for him in Fjerda. He employees Kaz's help along the way (along with Jesper and Wylan). The evil fellow from Shadow and Bone makes an appearance and the fold runs rampant. Alina and Mal even come out of hiding to help. The series brings all the characters together for one final fight against everything they have fought before.

But if that wasn't enough to get you to read it, there are constant twists and turns ("there's more?" "It's Ravka. There's always more!") and saints brought to life. If you haven't read the side book Lives of Saints before reading this book, definitely pick it up and read through it before you move on to this book because you will want to know those stories, see the pictures and enjoy the way even the additional books on the side are tied into this final series wrap up.

No page is useless. No word is extra. These books are written expertly so that you are constantly wondering "what will happen next" and never left questioning why a chapter was stuck in there. Bardugo's characterization is beautiful. Her worldbuilding is stunning. And her plots and wonderful.

I want more and I want to throw a fit like a two-year-old because I cannot have it.

If you have yet to check out these Grishaverse series, please do. I truly recommend them to people of all ages. Bardugo has flawlessly blended the cultures of Russia (Ravka), Holland (Ketterdam), China (Shu Han), and Scandanavia (Fjerda) to create this world where the people and cultures are different and the characters must overcome these differences without getting rid of the uniqueness (and beauty) of the cultures. The Grisha are hated, ostracized, killed, maimed, or otherwise hurt in every country including Ravka and they must find a way to work through this, overcome this, and find a way into the people's hearts without simply offering a reign of terror.

The books are amazing. I have clearly stated this a hundred times. So I would, at this point, believe me, and go and find them yourself. Good job, Leigh Bardugo. I cannot wait for your next books!!

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