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So Close You Can Feel It

When you’re so close you can feel it,

It’s on the tip of your fingers,

On the tip of your tongue.

You could reach out and grab it,

Touch the tip of the iceberg,

Feel the rush of the run.

There’s the brush of your fingers

That scrape against that reward,

And just miss.

But it’s so close,

You can feel it.

There’s naught as sweet as this.

- "So Close You Can Feel It" (from Imagine This: From Pain to Possibility by Hannah Mason)

Today marks the end of the winter semester at both Biola and Shasta college. Today, I have officially (and I say "officially" because really I finished the majority of the work a week and a half ago) finished another five courses. Today I have completed yet another semester of my Biblical Ministries degree.

I am now "So Close I Can Feel It." I have only one semester left to go in my degree and will complete the semester online through Biola University (no more courses at Shasta College!!!!) and have only three courses that I need to complete. It will be a light load, particularly after this semester.

That being said, now that I enter into my winter break (a break that lasts about a month) after which I will be much freer than I was previously, I do believe I can now recommit to blogging more consistently as I did once before.

That means I will be back to blogging twice weekly!

What can you expect from these posts?

Writing Posts:

I am continuing to write The Beauty and query agents for The Criminal. I have recently taken a break from writing The Beauty. After the business of NaNoWriMo, I needed a break from the book for a little bit while I finished school and let my life settle down for a little bit. After I have finished a separate project I have been waiting to do, I plan to get back to the manuscript. As for The Criminal, I have been facing some hard times with querying. I am taking a break through the Christmas season as many agents don't respond or accept queries through Christmas or the weeks surrounding the holidays. After Christmas and New Years, I will reassess and decide whether I want to invest some more time (and potentially some money) into trying to make the manuscript even better. Throughout both of these processes, I will continue to post blogs updating readers and discussing my process and the tools, books, and methods I find helpful.

Book Reviews:

As always, I will be reviewing the books I read as I read them. Now that I have more time on my hands, I plan to review books as I finish them. That means sitting down with my computer and typing up a blog post the minute the book closes (or as soon as I can be by my computer if I finish the book in some random place). In the past, I have written reviews as much as months after the book has been finished. I commit to never doing this again. Though you will receive a few reviews after this that follow that pattern, you can be sure that any reviews I write about books I read from now on will be written on the spot when the book is finished. I also plan to publish these closer to the time I finish the books so you will be receiving more book reviews than any other posts. In fact, you may even receive more than two posts a week as I do often read three+ books a week depending on their size and the amount of time I have. Please share this site with your friends and family as a great source for book reviews and recommendations.

My Ministry:

You may know I recently posted a new page to the site entitled "My Ministry." You can check out the page for some blog posts that discuss my ministry and for other details about the ministry I plan to carry out through my books and future bookstore. As I continue to move towards this ministry, I plan to post updates along the way. These updates ould include things like descriptions of my ministry, reviews of books I found valuable, reviews of sites that were helpful, and inside looks at my journey to opening a bookstore. You can find these posts on the homepage of the site or go directly to the ministry posts on the "My Ministry" page.

DIYs and Other Posts:

I have recently written a few DIY posts or other similar blog posts which many of you seem to enjoy. As my life will be going through some changes soon, I plan to be doing many DIYs in the future and will be leading you through what some of that looks like. These posts the ones I find most valuable when looking at other people's blogs so I hope you are able to find use from them.

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