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The 31-Day Blog Post Challenge (Part Two)

To those of you who weren't here yesterday, welcome. This is the 31-day blog-post challenge. We have modified it to be a 7-day blog-post challenge. Yesterday, I told you 20 fun facts about me. Today, I have a collection of questions to answer all with a running theme: me. At the bottom of the post you'll find the challenge schedule so that you can be on the lookout for the parts of the challenge that you are the most excited about. The following questions are those that I'll be answering in today's post. Feel free to use the attached links to skip to each of the questions.

Without further ado... here's a little bit more about Hannah Marie Mason:

My earliest childhood memory

The earliest memory of my childhood I really remember is my fifth Christmas. I have pictures in my brain of the place we stayed in Whangarei, New Zealand where my Aunt Anna lived with her family. I don't remember much about the trip. I have three vivid pictures in my brain though. The first is of us arriving. The second is of my dad going through a basket of chocolates, checking each one to ensure he gave me one that didn't have peanuts (I'm allergic). The third is of the hospital room I sat in when after my dad did give me the one with peanuts. NOTE: I was actually fine. I was already beginning to grow out of the allergy but Mum was terrified after we had a scare when I was two.

An old photo of me

Sorry to rob you of this one but most of the photos are packed and those that are still with me aren't old. This one is from a photo shoot the family did early on in our time in Redding. I found it on my Mother's Facebook page which is why I still have access. I hope you enjoy the little Mason children.

3 personality traits I am proud to have

I am extremely hardworking, and organized and people tend to think I'm kind. When I was a kid, my room was constantly in shambles, and I never got off my butt for anyone. You hardly could have paid me to get off my butt to do anything. When my medical troubles hit, somehow, that all changed. Something about being in pain or being unable to control the world around me or being reliant on others changed certain things about me. I fully believe it was my parents who taught me to always work hard. Who made it so that I could handle being paid for doing nothing. If I have nothing to do and I am being paid, I am standing there wring my hands, horrified with myself and my lot in life. If I am volunteering I can relax but only once all the work is done. And either way, I put in twice the effort and three times the efficiency of everyone else. I love that about myself. I love that I didn't have to train myself to be that way but that my parents combined with my DNA and my circumstances made me that way. I am also incredibly organized. Sometimes too much so. I can't handle things being out of place. Sometimes I'll look at my clean and organized room (usually when I'm stressed) and think AHH! It's disorganized! And I'll proceed to organize for hours on end. The kind thing... that's more what others say about me which makes me feel proud of myself but I don't tend to see that from the inside.

My deepest fears

I am scared to death of snakes. While I worked at PetSmart, I would occasionally sell snakes at which time, the petcare department would bring over the snake in the little plastic container and set them down at my register until the customer bought them. I would shrink as far back from them in my register as physically possible. Once, the customer took them out of the container while at my register even though they could tell I was terrified (or perhaps because they could tell I was terrified). The snake dropped and they barely caught it. I screamed loud enough to reach the back of the store. Luckily, I had a wonderful coworker who worked with me 75% of the time and she never brought over the snakes but instead gave them to the customers as they walked out. I am also afraid of failing in my writing. I love my characters so much and I'm afraid no one else will. There's a part of my fear of failure that has to do with hard work, sure (after all, I've put in a lot of hours) and there's a part of me that's afraid of disappointing my parents (a big part) and others not liking my stuff (I have a habit of taking things back after I say them). Mostly, though, I have just fallen heads over heels for my characters and fear being the only one who will ever love them. How sad would it be if I could never share them with others? If no one ever came up to me and gushed with me about Harmony and Chase and co.? I have the fear deeply rooted enough that when my friends tell me my writing is good I don't believe them. I'll just have to wait for an agent to say the same thing I guess.

My piercings/tattoos

I hate to bore you on this one but I don't have any tattoos and I have only my ears pierced. I hardly ever wear anything but pearl earrings too! I tend to find it troublesome to change out the earrings each day though I do take them out at night since they poke into me. I would never consider getting anything else pierced but I might get a tattoo someday. If I were to get a tattoo, it would be one of two things. Either something Christian like the saying "God's Got This" which you may know is practically tattooed already on my left wrist since I wear it 24/7 on a black silicone bracelet (you can get a God's got this bracelet like mine here) or something more subtle that initiates a conversation. Or it would be a stack of books that I could add to each time I published a new book and/or series.

My first celeb crush

I have never once had a celebrity crush. I always favored boys who I saw every day and knew were a possibility. No fictional characters for me either. For me, the ability to actually date them seems to have been a contributing factor to their attractiveness. There were plenty of crushes in my time though and I can even trace them from one to another throughout time for the most part though I won't do so here so as to save their privacy.

My guilty pleasure

There is very little I do that I feel truly guilty about. The real definition of "guilty pleasure" is something (tv shows, movies, and songs usually) that people partake in despite feeling like they aren't usually held in high regard. Sometimes guilty pleasures are actions. Often they are (as I noted) movies, songs, or even foods. Most often, if I enjoy something, even if it's "not generally held in high regard" I don't even take that into consideration. I used to eat marmite and honey together which might be considered a "guilty pleasure" (I don't really do so anymore). I listen almost entirely to upbeat Christian music and not only because I have to. My favorite musical is called "His Story." I treat my dog better than some people treat their kids. If you think any of that is a guilty pleasure then great, if not, ask me for more random things I enjoy!

A weird quirk I have

What's considered a weird quirk? I can't stand people cracking their knuckles, singing badly, or singing annoying songs that get stuck in your head but those are just pet peeves. I knit and sew and make cards but those are hobbies. I'm overly organized but that's a character trait and we already discussed that. Here's one my family often teases me for: I often get distracted as I'm getting dressed in the morning. One minute I'm drying my back and the next I'm researching what the best food for my dog is. Then twenty minutes later, my mum will come to get me for something and I'll be sitting at my computer in just pants and a towel squinting at instructions for making a diy cheesecloth out of two pieces of yarn and some straw. Usually, it's not quite as elaborate as that. I'll write an email, type up a blog post, buy a book, or check the weather (or do it all and an hour later I'm still not dressed and ready for the day). I like to say "I'm multitasking, Mum!" "I like to be fully dry before I get dressed, Dad. I'm just doing something while I dry off!" As opposed to doing the drying and wasting the 30 seconds, I guess.

The 31-Made-7-Day Blog Post Challenge Schedule:

Day One: Intro to the Challenge

  • An introduction to the thirty-one-day challenge

  • 20 fun-facts about me

Day Two: All About Me

  • My earliest childhood memory

  • An old photo of me

  • 3 personality traits I am proud to have

  • My deepest fears

  • My piercings/tattoos

  • My first celeb crush

  • My guilty pleasure

  • A weird quirk I have

Day Three: My Favorites

  • 10 of my favorite foods

  • My favorite comfort food

  • My favorite quote

  • A favorite childhood book

  • My most proud moment

  • 10 of my favorite songs

  • My favorite physical features

  • 5 of my favorite blog posts

Day Four: Daily Life

  • What's in my handbag?

  • A timeline of my average day

  • My worst habits

  • My pet peeves

Day Five: My Past (part 1)

  • Something I miss

  • The last time I cried

  • Something that always makes me feel better

  • A difficult time in my life

Day Six: A Difficult Time in my Life (part 2)

Day Seven: The Future

  • What would I do if I won the lottery?

  • My dream job

  • Where do I want to be in 10 years?

  • My top bucket list items

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