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Buying a Domain

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

The move has been something in the works for a while now. WIX does a great job of showing their users how to work the stuff to make their websites show up in Google. And then they show you how you need to link a domain name to your site to actually use any of those fancy tools.

So I have been in the process of working on linking buying a domain name to my site for quite some time. I sat on it and thought about it for a while.

Would it be worth it?

What could come of it?

Finally, I went ahead and did it. I bought a domain name:

But not before checking in with WIX to see if I could link the domain (which I purchased through Bluehost since WIX has reasonably expensive rates for their premium accounts) to my free website. The agent said I could so I clicked "purchase."

And waited 60 days because apparently, you cannot transfer domains before those 60 days are up. Darn.

Finally, the 60 days were up. I went into WIX to link my domain and was met with a message that said I could not do so unless I purchased a premium account (which, as previously mentioned, is reasonably expensive). The cheapest premium account includes largely things I don't need. Mostly, all I needed was what I had with the free account and the ability to transfer my domain.

I contacted WIX and was met with an agent who seemed to have little care for my situation at first though he did send me a 50% coupon for the premium account (which only works for the yearly cycle and not for the cheapest account). This same coupon had been sent to me only 2 days prior and I had the same message of 50% off "ending soon" in my inbox about 20 times over. I asked if there was anything better he could do and he transferred me to someone else.

The next agent was someone much better (I think her name was Donna so let's give a shout out to Donna!). She seemed to genuinely care for me and my situation and despite her not being able to do much for me, her genuine care made me want to stick with WIX. She even asked questions about my site, told me my site looked clean and sleek and asked if there was anything else she could advise me on. Thank you for your help WIX agent!

Despite my struggle and my need to have a second call to sort out the issue with the 50% off coupon, I am still hosted by WIX. For the most part, it seemed as though the agents genuinely cared for my situation and wanted to help in any way they could. There seemed to be flaws in their system that they couldn't get around to help me but their desire to help did make me feel better about the fact that they couldn't help. They were also respectful and kind.

My issue was not resolved on the second call making me somewhat frustrated and though Brian was incredibly willing to help, it seemed that the organization needs to solve an issue with their coupon (an issue it seemed they had faced before) and I was the one who suffered because they had not solved the issue. I had to wait from Thursday the 15th until now when their most recent sale went live.

Even though their sale went live on the 20th, it did not apply to the "combo" premium account as I had been told it would. I was forced to purchase a more expensive option for 2 years to find the price that I had been looking for all along. So, unfortunately, it felt as though I was misguided the entire way through by WIX. However, WIX does have incredible personnel who truly do want to help you and a really great system that helped me design this stunning website and keep it running smoothly.

I have yet to know whether I enjoy being a paying WIX client but I have loved working with their company as an unpaying client. Their site-builders are easy to work with and simple to figure out. Once my site was set up, I did not have to do much with it except add blog posts which is an easy process. I can schedule blog posts for weeks or months out and for a specific time of day and can send emails to anyone who subscribes to my email list (look out for my first monthly newsletter coming out at the end of this month!). I do love WIX and that is why I chose to partner with them with my new domain.

All this to say, my blog is now at ! I hope to see you here Wednesdays and Saturdays for my posts on books and writing!

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